With more than 35 years of experience in thermoplastic injection and more than 24 years' specialisation in the automotive sector, at Altcam we are global suppliers of solutions with high-level technical requirements for our customers.

Our keen vocation for service pushes us to continue growing and learning day by day, taking on the challenge of technological improvement and offering maximum competitiveness for our customers. We accompany them throughout the process, from the development and design of the part, adapting to the needs of the product, up to production and final assembly.

Global company

We are a global company in constant growth and development. We have production plants in Spain, Mexico, Slovakia and China. Our goal is to standarize our technology close to our customers to offer a service that is local and guarantees the highest level of competitiveness.

Quality and precision guarantee

The initial development concept is focused on quality agreement, covering all phases of the project from concept to production, packaging and final delivery.