• 1986

    Altcam is born, dedicated to thermoplastic injection, with only one objective: to specialise in technical injection parts.

  • 1993

    Altcam begins its experience in the automotive sector by making overmoulded and bimaterial technical parts.

  • 1997

    Altcam increases the machines’ tonnage in order to satisfy our customer demands. Production of motor covers and housing begins. Altcam becomes a global supplier for two leading TIER1 up to the present.

  • 2006

    To be closer to our customers, Altcam decides to become a global company with plants in Mexico and Slovakia.

  • 2008

    The ongoing growth of the company leads to a new specialisation: producing safety components for the automotive sector.

  • 2012

    Altcam meets a new challenge: delivering the final finished product, incorporating assembly lines.

  • 2013

    Our experience grows in the production of electronic parts, which are more demanding and have more requirements in their process.

  • 2014

    Internal development of layouts is integrated into production to ensure greater control of the process and to offer maximum competitiveness and productivity. Processes manufactured in Altcam.

    The plant in Mexico has a mould tool shop.

  • 2015

    The new assembly area of the Valls plant (Spain) is opened.

  • 2016

    New Stack Mold technology is implemented.

  • 2017

    Production activity begins in a new location: Altcam China.