To meet the high demands of the market, we need to have the most advanced technical resources at all times to optimize the production chain to the fullest extent and to offer parts of high levels of technical requirements.

At Altcam we offer you a highly qualified workforce with the latest technology to carry the work out, optimising the design, developing each part and reducing Time to market via fully optimised and robotised processes. We have the most advanced software and the most professional hardware, and we design our own layouts with the aim of being more efficient and competitive.


  • Injection by overmoulding

    Injection of thermoplastics via vertical or horizontal overmoulding machines.We have long experience in cutting and bending systems in our injection process.

  • 2K injection

    Knowledge of the Core Back, simultaneous injection, overmoulding and rotary mould techniques.

  • Scientific injection

    Production of high-level technical and mechanical parts.

  • Multicavity injection

    Designed to improve competitiveness.

  • Stack injection

    This allows an increase in production and a reduction of the cost per part, and guarantees process efficiency.

  • Production of surface finishing parts

    Production of aspect parts.